SAME GIGABIT Download and Upload Speeds

Happy New Year from the Red Bison Team!

We will start our installation beginning the week of JANUARY 4th and will not need to enter your home.

Expected Launch Date April 2021!

CPRT/Red Bison Partnership

We realize that more of you are working from home these days, therefore CPRT and Red Bison are partnering to offer you upgraded, superfast and secure internet connectivity.

Red Bison and CPRT will be installing a state-of-the-art Wi-Fi network in your building. This network will allow residents to upgrade their access to the Internet with typical speed improvements of 10X over what you experience today, for both download and upload speeds.

The fully redundant architecture ensures that two fiber links will be available should carrier service be compromised for any reason. Most importantly, this network is architected with the most advanced cybersecurity solutions in the industry driven by artificial intelligence to protect you against network intrusion 24X7.

We will provide updates and launch dates over the coming months for your building via email or on this page. This is a very exciting development that will continue to evolve with your lifestyle to deliver best-in-class connectivity to the internet.